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Equal Made

Your partner for web accessibility

Providing accessible, equitable and sustainable software and services to help your organization thrive.

Learn what we're about

Our passion is to make the web an inclusive online experience. Let us know if you need a partner to provide accessible, equitable, and sustainable software and services.

Inclusive engineering

Our software can be used by everyone—regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Helping our planet

We strive to reduce our environmental impact—and promote protecting the Earth.

Planning events

We help organizers to hold safe, equitable, ethical, and sustainable events.


Do you share our purposes, missions, or values? We'd love to connect.

Meet our leadership

  • Rachel Cherry is white and identifies as female. She is in her mid 30s with fairly pale skin and long auburn colored hair.

    Rachel Cherry

    Director of Technology and Design


    As a freelance software engineer and consultant, Rachel focuses on online accessibility, front-end web development, and higher education/enterprise-level engineering. Rachel has worked in and for higher education for more than fifteen years. She is also the Director and Founder of WPCampus, a community and conferences about using WordPress in higher ed.

    Rachel enjoys helping organizations address their online accessibility barriers and teaching how to be more inclusive on the web. She is also fond of feminism, running, and tacos.